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My Lady Quicksilver (London Steampunk, #3)

My Lady Quicksilver (London Steampunk, #3) - Bec McMaster For this and other reviews please visit Zemfirka Blogs.

“The Council gave him three weeks to find Mercury. Or he would share Mercury’s fate.” My Lady Quicksilver (p. 387).

Love, honor, duty, deception, desire and revenge are the elements that make My Lady Quicksilver a delicious thrill ride through the streets of this dark steampunk incarnation of London, where no one is safe and nothing is what it seems. As the tension between the Echelon and the humanists continues to escalate, Sir Jasper Lynch, fearsome leader of the Nighthawks, takes on the hunt of the mysterious revolutionary – Mercury, only to discover that s/he is not so easy to catch…

The novel picks up where Heart of Iron left of, with Rosalind Fairchild – the lady of many disguises, and Sir Jasper Lynch at its center. Adversaries they might be, but the forbidden fruit is always sweeter as their passes cross, the sparks begin to fly, and beliefs and loyalties are questioned. The two can’t keep away from each other.

She’d put a spell on him. One kiss in the enclaves like a bullet to the chest and now he couldn’t stop feeling it, no matter what the consequences were. My Lady Quicksilver (p. 227).

For almost a week I struggled to put into words my feelings about Bec McMaster’s newest novel, failing miserably. It is my hardest challenge to write reviews for books I adore, and I most certainly adored My Lady Quicksilver – it was fantastic! I fallen in love with the London Steampunk series from the first book, and then grew worrisome as Lena and Will took over the plot in the second novel, as neither inspired much of my interest. But Jasper and Rosa had a fiery chemistry, and their struggle to learn of each other’s true nature was a delight to read. Engrossed with the story, I even failed to notice the absence of my favorite couple, Honoria and Blade, and even so, I didn’t miss them.

My Lady Quicksilver is the third novel in the London Steampunk series, but it can almost be read as a stand-alone. Bec McMaster weaves a fascinating story with characters that are charismatic, seductive and very lethal. The intricate games Jasper and Rosa play will have you completely enchanted and immersed in this wonderfully dark and creative world of romance and mystery, with just a touch of machinery to make things interesting. So I would highly recommend you waste no more time and pick up this series right away, because it’s absolutely fabulous.

Highly recommended!

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