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Lady of Devices (Magnificent Devices #1)

Lady of Devices (Magnificent Devices #1) - Shelley Adina For this and other reviews please visit Zemfirka Blogs...

I want to write something positive about this one, but the truth is I found it underwhelming. I was expecting a fun and exciting romp in Victorian England, charming and witty but this was neither. The premise, the steampunk elements, and the fact that this series has been popping up on my radar for quite some time convinced me to finally give it a chance [and you know I don’t miss a good Kindle deal – the first book of the series is indeed free]. Perhaps my expectation was a bit too high, so I’ll say this was still a cute little novel that was entertaining in parts and made an interesting attempt at world-building. But, even though, this was highly reminiscent of Gail Carriger’s novels, at the end it was not.

Set in alternative Victoria England, the novel follows the adventures of the young Lady Claire Trevelyan, daughter of the late Viscount St. Ives. In the aftermath of her father’s bad investment choices, Claire, finds herself in a bind. So what’s a young Lady to do but pull up her sleeves and take her future, education, and finances into her own hands even though it goes against her mother’s wishes.

Claire was certainly a fun and feisty heroine, outspoken and inventive. Her ingenuity and luck helped her along an interesting new pass, and her interaction and care for the East End gang was endearing. However her transformation from a free spirited wild child, curious about everything and more, to a more uptight, model of behavior was a bit odd and contradictory. Nevertheless I’m sure there is more to this developing story.

Most other characters, including possible future adversary and love interest, Lord James and Andrew Malvern, had only minor scenes and still require further development. This novel leaves off on a rather abrupt note, so for those of you not favoring cliffhanger endings, I would suggest having the follow-up novel at the ready. Personally, I didn’t find Lady of Devices compelling enough to pick up the second book right away, but perhaps in due time I’d be curious to explore it further.

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