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Waterlocked (Elemental World, #1.5)

Waterlocked (Elemental World, #1.5) - Elizabeth   Hunter After finishing Building from Ashes, book 1 in the Elemental World series, I couldn’t help myself but continue on with this novella – and am so happy that I did. I absolutely loved this story, in fact Gemma and Terry just became my favorite couple in the world of elemental vampires. I didn’t expect this at all, as I wasn’t too fond of Gemma from the original Elemental Mysteries books, and Terry did not have much of a presence, aside from a brief mention. But here, both of these characters were just for my liking: headstrong, opinionated, and definitely in love.

I enjoyed the pace and the storyline. Ms. Hunter is able to tie each book with the next and it is very interesting to be able to see the story from different perspectives, while also getting original storylines. In fact, I was a bit sorry this was just a novella and not a complete novel, but we will now look forward to another favorite of mine – Baojia in Blood and Sand.

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