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Fall of Sky City

Fall of Sky City - S.M. Blooding For this and other reviews please visit my blog:

I received this book compliment of the author in exchange for a fair and honest review. Thank you!

"Killer Queen" by Queen

She's a Killer Queen
Gunpowder, guillotine
Dynamite with a laser beam
Guaranteed to blow your mind

Welcome aboard! You are about to immerse yourself into the world of steampunk adventures and unique fantasy world building; sail the ships through expanse of cool, windy skies, and dive deep into the blue oceans where whole cities have flourished. We follow Synn and his friends on their adventures as they learn to navigate the world amidst a war with an evil Queen Nix, who will stop at nothing to claim Synn as her own.

I find myself quite fortunate having had this book practically fall into my hands, because I enjoyed the story immensely and surprisingly so. At first, the story developed slowly and I dreaded the thought I will not find it interesting or entertaining, but once the first layers of foundation were laid, we were off on a fast-paced adventure ride. Ms. Blooding has managed to masterfully weave her story, devoting a great deal of attention to her unique and incredible world building, where it’s easy to lose oneself in the world of fantasy, adventure, and heroes.

As for heroes, Synn and his friends were quite heroic, interesting and compelling. They felt real, as they learned to work together, struggled to make the right choices, to survive and fight along one another, yet they never forgot to sprinkle everything with a sense of humor and a dash of sarcasm. While young Synn trained to harness his newly emerged magical abilities and was taking the reins of leadership for a trial spin, the evil Queen Nix was close on his heels. Cunning, powerful, and seductive Nix is the villainess to love. Throughout the novel I kept wishing for more sightings of Nix, to witness her evil highness in action, alas there were only glimpses, but I am hopeful we get a good dose of her next time.

“You cannot win, Synn,” she whispered. “You shall be mine.” She rose, leaving me on the floor. “Bring him to my chambers. We’ll see if there’s anything in the boy worth salvaging as a man." (p. 41).

Ultimately, all elements combined made for one great, captivating story and a nice cliffhanger ending, that will leave readers wanting more. I am now eagerly anticipating the second installment and hope that Ms. Blooding is fast at writing…

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