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Lover Revealed (Black Dagger Brotherhood, #4)

Lover Revealed (Black Dagger Brotherhood, #4) - J.R. Ward Just finished the fourth book in the BDB series, and believe it or not, I actually stayed up late to do so. I hate to admit it but these books are addicting, and I just can’t help craving the next book. Lucky for me, I’ve gotten into the series only recently and there are plenty of books to go before having to endure months of wait for the next installment. Although, I am still uncertain of whether I will stick it out to the end, but one never knows…

As we progress further into the BDB world, we get to learn more and more about each brother, and this story is no different. It features Butch and his lady love – Marissa. Both of these characters were initially introduced in the first novel of the series, and since then I’ve actually grown to like Butch. Marissa, on the other hand, was a different story for me. I didn’t much like Marissa’s character from the beginning, and her love connection with Butch felt overly convenient. It is as though everyone fell right into place, as the pieces of the puzzle, and from the quartet of these characters: Wrath, Marissa, Beth and Butch, we managed a HEA for each couple. I guess my main complaint here is predictability; which can be said of the whole series in general, as each book follows a fairly similar story arc: boy (or I should say brother?) meets girl, sparks fly, lessers run around making feeble attempts at being evil and menacing, some fighting takes place (where the males can be on display, saving the race), drinking/smoking happens, the brother du jour finally makes his feelings known, some more drama ensues, and then…HEA. Well, it is not exactly a bad storyline, in fact, there are a million books with a similar storyline, but when the setting is the same, at a certain point it does become redundant, don’t you agree? For now, however, I find myself quite engrossed in this world to continue my indulgence.

Character Notes:
Marissa has quite surprised me in this book. I’ve loved her finally gaining some independence and getting in touch with reality of the world, because her aristocratic upbringing clearly hampered her. If you thought 40 year old virgin was bad enough, try 300 year old! So, way to go Marissa!
“Nobody puts Baby in a corner.”
And it made me especially proud, when she finally spoke up at that princeps’ meeting –put a smile on my face. I am certainly all for strong, independent women, and although Marissa didn’t stay on her own too long, as she fell right into Brotherhood and Butch’s arms, I’ve still gained some respect for her.

Butch’s story was quite predictable, but I enjoyed it nonetheless. I knew he will be made a vampire and a brother, and was absolutely thrilled that it finally happened. It was clear that he couldn’t keep taking the backseat to all the action, and remain content of living off of the Brotherhood. He needed to take a stand, and there were only two outcomes in this scenario, and I’m glad it wasn’t death, although that might’ve made it a surprise ending.

In this book, Omega’s involvement added a bit of excitement to the story, and for once it wasn’t as dreadful to read a chapter on the lessers. It didn’t last however. The whole Van storyline felt completely unnecessary, and I’m still confused as to why we are subjected to reading about the lessers. I wish Ward gotten rid of them altogether.

Last but not least – Vishous, who played almost as big a part in this book as did Butch. Vishous is certainly an interesting character, with many secrets; and I’m quite thrilled about his story (which is the next one in the series). It felt though, now that Zsadist has been reformed and mated to Bella, Vishous was the next black sheep of the “family,” and he certainly played such a role, with everyone following up on him. But an interesting spin on this storyline was his relation with Butch, which seemed quite unorthodox and confusing. I hope some revelations are to come in the next installment. So, on to book five I go…

Curious Observations:
As I keep reading the series, and numerous shmexy scenes therein, I keep wondering, how the shellans must go through their clothes, as it seems that the brothers’ preferred method of taking off clothes off of their women is by ripping it off. Curiously enough, they all seem to still possess their “mating” gowns.

I also noticed Ward’s preference for parading the brand names throughout the books. It keeps me wondering whether the author is getting paid for this PR. I find it silly most of times, but I think the unfortunate result of this is that some of these brand references tend to actually date these books.

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