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Dark Lover (Black Dagger Brotherhood, #1)

Dark Lover (Black Dagger Brotherhood, #1) - J.R. Ward OK…where do I start with this?

I’ve picked this book based on recommendations. Why not? I’ve been into PNR as of late and thought I’d give it a try. Well, I thought this was bad to the point it was actually good and I’ll happily admit, that even with all the eye rolling I did while reading this I still enjoyed it. This is not a meaningful read with intense storyline, well developed characters, and sophisticated background – this is a trashy book you love to read when you think no one would catch you doing it. There I said it…

Let’s begin with names of the “brothers” first: Wrath (aka the Blind vampire King), Tohrment, Phury, Rhage, Vischous, Zsadist... oh! Forgot one – Darius, but he does not really count, since he is eliminated early on and his name is not as exciting as others. So, anyone noticed a theme here? The names just made me smile; in fact I think I kept reading because of the names.

Then, we got to talk about our heroine – Beth, who is obviously the prettiest thing around the neighborhood, feisty and can stand up for herself quite well, except for where vampires are concerned. She quickly manages to fall into Wrath’s open arms and insta-love commences – the end!

I skipped the minor details the distracted from all the sex and the follow-up sappiness. The biggest antagonist in the book – Mr. X and the lesser society were so blah and boring that I wanted to skip all those pages as quickly as possible, and happily they were scarce and didn’t add much excitement to the storyline. What did add excitement was the conversation – that was so ridiculously unrealistic that ever so often I had to gaze at my Kindle in amazement realizing I was actually reading this!

All in all, I think I’ll give another volume or two a go – am curious to get to Zsadist’s story – because let’s admit who isn’t? And then I might have to retire from this silliness and move on.

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