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Blameless (The Parasol Protectorate, #3)

Blameless (The Parasol Protectorate, #3) - Gail Carriger Blameless picks up right where Changeless left off. We are immediately thrown into Alexia’s struggle with the aftermath of Conall’s rejection of her and the “infant-inconvenience” as she calls their child-to-be; the social and the supernatural consequences follow soon thereafter.

Once our characters commence their travel to Italy I found my interest in the series has renewed, it felt like Alexia was finally bouncing back from the lackluster spell of Changeless and I could recognize our spunky heroine once more. (I am now convinced that it is far better for Alexia and Lord Maccon to be separated or act as a non-married couple, otherwise they turn very dull.) The storyline thereafter is awfully reminiscent of that of the first novel; however, this fact does not make this series’ installment bad, just predictable. Alexia explores Italy with her newly formed posse and the Templars, who, like most other characters in the book, are fascinated by her soulless nature and want to study/imprison/use her to their advantage. Escape follows and Lady Maccon once again reunites/finds love with her estranged werewolf of a husband. (After finishing Changeless, I could not see how Lord Maccon can manage to redeem himself in front of Alexia. I was expecting quite more groveling on his behalf, but found myself not altogether disappointed with how this storyline was resolved.)

I am a bit disappointed as to the predictability factor of the novel and the title does provide us, the reader, with a hint as well; however, I still immensely enjoyed the world created by Gail Carriger and the characters. I am happy that Blameless picked up the pace from Soulless rather than Changeless, because I was deeply disappointed not only with the events of the second novel, but also the pace, the characters, and the storyline itself. Given the fact tat Soulless could easily stand on its own as a novel, one has to read Changeless for continuity purposes, as it ended with a huge cliffhanger. There is no such cliffhanger in Blameless, which is again refreshing. I am looking forward to Heartless and hope that the new adventures will bring more excitement.

Notable characters:

Mrs. Tunstell: After disappointing and almost infuriating performance of Ivy’s character in Changeless it was refreshing to find oneself questioning whether Ivy simply puts on a great act. I was happy with this improvement of the character and hope there is still more development in the future novels.

Professor Lyall is one of my favorite characters in these novels and often adds much needed reason to the rest of the cast. I feel like his character has been the most stable throughout.

Madame Lefoux’s character has grown on me, but I’m very curious how Gail Carriger plans to further explore her affections towards Alexia and/or whether it would have any importance in the future novels.

Lord Akeldama aka the new potentate: I am eagerly looking forward to Alexia’s reaction to his new position in Queen’s Shadow Council as well as what developments it will bring.

Major Channing Channing of the Chesterfield Channings: I simply cannot help but smile every time he enters the picture, although it was easy to predict his mission to Italy on behalf of inebriated Lord Maccon. Since Changeless, he became my new “Lord Maccon”, and his relation with Alexia is always so volatile – it is fun to read their dialogues.

Favorite Quote:

[Conall] You shoul have realized I needed time to recover from being an idiot.
[Alexia] Oh, really? How was I to know idiocy was only a temporary condition, especially in you case?

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