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The Marquess of Cake (Redcakes)

The Marquess of Cake - Heather Hiestand Review and giveaway originally posted on Zemfirka Blogs... Enter to win one eBook copy of The Marquess of Cake (US) [Ends 11/18/2013]

Digital review copy provided by Foreword Literary in exchange for fair and honest review.

What can I say? Romance and sweets – I simply couldn’t resist the temptation. And so I found myself with a copy of The Marquess of Cake, an enjoyable and quick read that certainly played to my sweet tooth.

Alys Redcake is 26 and considered a spinster at her age, however unlike her younger sisters Alys has no wish of finding a husband and feels quite content working at her father’s Redcake's Tea Shop and Emporium. She loves to bake and decorate cakes, but with her family’s changing position in society her dreams of continuing on in her father’s business are cut short. Devastated by the loss of her job and avoiding her father’s persistent attempts at marrying her off Alys’s only escape is ironically in marriage.

“She foresaw some type of Jane Austen life, and she couldn’t stand that lady’s novels. So utterly dull, to think of nothing but husbands all the time.” The Marquess of Cake (p. 190).

Michael Shield, Marquess of Hatbrook has a real sweet tooth, and an eye for a feisty cakie – Alys from his favorite Redcake’s Tea Shop and Emporium in London. But Michael is a nobleman and with a younger brother as his heir, he is not looking for marriage until a mistake would change his plans…

Victorian setting, a strong-willed couple and a story of their lust, marriage, love and of course desserts. The Marquess of Cake is not a perfect historical romance, but certainly a refreshing one. Bar the instant attraction this is not your usual insta-love romance, there is time for romance of course but it is slowly developing and neither of the characters truly grasps their love for each other until it is almost too late. And it is certainly fun to watch the developing relation between Alys and Michael. Both have their own struggles to overcome together and on their own, and at the end, learn to trust and rely on each other. 

I admit I was pleasantly surprised by this novel and if you are one of those people who judge a book by its cover [ducks head -- guilty as charged] I suggest you don’t dismiss this one right away as a quickie romp. The author does a fine job keeping to the Victoria setting and not letting the characters get away with too many actions contradictory to the time period, which is certainly a refreshing touch. With both lighter and darker touches, some family drama and interesting secondary characters [Lewis in particular was a favorite of mine] there is plenty to keep the reader’s attention. So, if you are in the mood for a lighter historical romance this one is for you.

Happy reading!

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