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Kade's Dark Embrace: Immortals of New Orleans Book 1 (Volume 1)

Kade's Dark Embrace - Kym Grosso For this and other reviews please visit Zemfirka Blogs...

Vampires, shifters, and witches, oh my! This series boasts a variety of paranormal characters with a ton of attitude and sex appeal.

Kade’s Dark Embrace is the first in the erotic paranormal series, Immortals of New Orleans. The story centers on mysterious murders of young women that are taking place in Philadelphia where detective Sydney Willows begins her investigation, until she is suddenly stuck sharing the duties with a tall, dark, and handsome alpha male vampire – Kade who sends her senses on high alert. Sparks begin to fly as Sydney and Kade’s voodoo hunt takes them to a whole new playground in New Orleans…

I am the law in New Orleans.” He moved toward her, closing the distance. “So unless you’d like to be tied to a bed, and believe me, I would love to have you tied to mine, you had better follow my rules.” Kade's Dark Embrace (p. 80).

The premise of the novel and the story itself certainly piqued my interest. It was a quick read, action-packed, and steamy bits were quite explosive and fun. Kade and Sydney, both stubborn and used to being in charge butted heads quite a bit, but nonetheless grew close together. There was a bit of insta-love feeling about their romance but it didn’t bother me that much, as it was almost expected. Though the story mainly revolved around the couple, the supporting cast, including Tristan and Luca shined through and to my excitement both are featured in the follow-up novels.

This novel strongly reminded me of the Black Dagger Brotherhood series, with a tiny dash of Rizzoli & Isles mixed in for an added twist. It was an entertaining read with promise and potential for more, however not without its issues, the main one being the dialogue which fell flat. Nonetheless, the story kept my attention and as a debut novel set the great premise for a series that quite certainly can become exciting.

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