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The Force of Wind: Elemental Mysteries Book 3

The Force of Wind - Elizabeth   Hunter *3-3.5 stars*

Beatrice and Giovanni continue their quest, now in China, where, at last, B is reunited with her father – Stephen De Novo. All the missing pieces seem to start coming together, but unfortunately we are still another novel away from completing this puzzle. Perhaps we should just find “The Fifth Element”…

Leeloo: Me fifth element - supreme being. Me protect you.

- I sill really enjoy the world and characters that Elizabeth Hunter has created, and I do believe her writing is good. My only complaint is it is starting to feel a bit repetitive – sometimes less is more – and, perhaps, this story could have been told in a lesser number of books. Don’t get me wrong, I am eagerly waiting starting the next novel, but purely out of my love for these characters, and the need to finally find the answers – and there better be some good answers!

- In this novel B is finally made into a vampire, and I am very appreciative of the fact that Elizabeth Hunter did not offer us a hybrid baby in the process à la “Twilight.” (At least I hope there are no such surprises waiting in book #4). In fact, I very much enjoyed B’s transformation into a vampire and I applaud her determination. It was her decision and her terms, but Stephen being chosen to be her sire was not surprising at all, I have sensed it be the case as soon as we learned that Stephen is a vampire. It didn’t take away from the whole scene, except for the convenient Tenzin relation and the somewhat creepy family-tree of Gio’s clan (he is technically now B’s great-great grandfather – not that they are actually related).

- The revelation of B and Gio’s marriage was surprising and touching – that was probably by far my favorite scene, and all the commentary on their “new” status as husband and wife were priceless. Indeed, I think the dialogue between the characters is what makes these books absolutely hard to put down.

- Another “Twilight”-ty aspect I was afraid is going to make its way into this novel, is the love triangle, but I thought Elizabeth Hunter handled it so well and I even found myself liking Baojia, more for his interest in B.

- One lingering question that remains, if we are to play a devil’s advocate, is why does Lorenzo fail to take B’s life every time, when it seems he had so many opportunities?

- Otherwise, I think this was another great, captivating read. I am definitely hooked on the Elementary Mysteries and look forward to the final installment of B and Gio’s adventure.

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