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Chasing the Star Garden (The Airship Racing Chronicles, #1)

Chasing the Star Garden (The Airship Racing Chronicles, #1) - Melanie Karsak Originally posted on Zemfirka Blogs.

I must apologize it took me so long to write my review because Chasing the Star Garden is an absolutely wonderful, steampunk adventure novel that I can’t wait to share with you! Part romance, part mystery, with a fabulous cast of characters and beautiful world-building, a sprinkle of history and mythology – it is a charming and a thoroughly enjoyable read.

Lily Stargazer is a fabulous heroine of the novel. She is determined, fearless, and adventurous but there is much to be uncovered behind that boisterous exterior of hers. Lily is the captain of an airship and a racer, in profession and sport dominated by men she is a true star. She keeps many lovers and hides her past in drink and drug but an unexpected quest will have her question her life choices and have her thinking about the future.

Lord Byron is a famed poet; he is Lily’s old friend, supporter, and lover. Their relationship is a bit toxic, as it feeds each of their addictions, yet there is more to it than that. Lord Byron is one of the few friends whom Lily trusts given the understanding and similarity of spirit that the two share and there is more to his mysterious persona that is yet to be uncovered.

While Lord Byron remains mostly behind the scenes in this novel, Salvatore Colonna is another of Lily’s friends and is also her lover. A passionate clockwork maker, he is always immersed in his work. Sal is older and a true romantic at heart, especially when Lily is around; but she is always a little out of his reach emotionally not being ready to surrender herself to love. However, as their relation continues to grow, Lily will have to make the ultimate choice… 

Airships, alcohol, drugs, a long lost treasure and a quest that will have our heroine facing some inner demons, but will love help conquer all or will the race be lost? Only time will tell. Jump aboard this airship for a whirlwind adventure through the skies of Europe and on to the Mediterranean islands where ancient treasure and magic still lie.

Happy reading!

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