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City of Lost Dreams (City of Dark Magic, #2)

City of Lost Dreams (City of Dark Magic, #2) - Magnus Flyte For this review and more please visit my blog - Zemfirka Blogs.

“I'm sorry to bother you but it's an emergency," she told Alessandro. "I need a drug test.” City of Lost Dreams (p. 86).

What a trip this novel is! I’m pleasantly surprised and happy I gave Magnus Flyte another chance as City of Lost Dreams is a much improved, fast-paced and exciting novel. The returning cast of characters gain needed dimension as they continue on in their quest to find the Golden Fleece and in increasingly desperate attempt try save life of the young, blind, music prodigy – Pollina, whose health has deteriorated drastically since last time we saw her. What lies ahead is a web of elements that somehow balance together to create this unconventional, drug-infused, time-traveling journey through time and history, with a sprinkle of magic, questions of immortality, drive, passion and more. So buckle up and prepare for an outside the box tour of Prague and Vienna with Sarah Weston and friends.

“This was always the way things were in Prague: mysterious, watery, elusive. It was like the minute you got off the plane here, all firm ground dissolved. And you did crazy things. Like falling in love.” City of Lost Dreams (p. 19).

This time around Sarah returns to Prague to help find cure for Pollina’s illness, but as fate would have it, Prague is surrounded by mysterious forces and nothing goes as planned. At dinner with Nico and Max a strange event takes place and Sarah somehow ends up in the middle of it all. But no time to investigate as Sarah is off to Vienna to track down the brilliant yet recalcitrant biochemist – Bettina Müller who might be able to help Pollina, while Nico and Max continue their own search. Yet, as they pursue further only more mysteries seem to amount and time is quickly running out…

“We’ve got to try everything, no matter how crazy it sounds. I wasn’t ready before, but I am now. I’m ready for the fucking witchcraft, you know. Bring on the witchcraft.” City of Lost Dreams (p. 191).

City of Lost Dreams is a crazy yet exhilarating journey. It’s not perfect. There are way too many elements, events and characters throughout the novel that it is cumbersome to keep them all straight, but at the same time they add richness and dimension. I wished we got to see them explored further but alas there wasn’t time – things were moving so fast. I also missed seeing Sarah and Max together as they spent most of the novel apart from each other – an unfortunate circumstance in my opinion. While Nico and Pollina were the stars with plenty of wisdom and advice to offer our heroine.  However, what really made this novel shine was its maniacally devious villain, whose reveal was quite predictable and in turn less satisfying, yet I couldn’t help but be fascinated with him/her. Not to give anything further away, I’ll just say that aside all of its stumbles I really enjoyed this novel and hope to see more of Sarah, Max, Nico, and Pollina as they continue their adventures.


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