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Bloodlines - Skyla Dawn Cameron Originally posted on Zemfirka Blogs, stop by for book reviews and more!

“My name’s Zara. I’m strong, I’m fast, and I totally kick ass. It’s great to be me...but that means right now it sucks to be you.” Bloodlines (Kindle Locations 151-152).

Can I just say, you’ll love Zara – the snarkalicious heroine of Bloodlines. She is a kick ass vampire extraordinaire, and maybe has a bit of a habit killing off her admirers and potential boyfriends, but the girl has her reasons. Despite all, Zara is fun, adventurous and awesome in all senses, she is definitely someone I would want to hang out with.

And then there is Nate, who of course is gorgeous, rich, and a warlock to boot with some very special powers of his own and serious family drama. Did I mention he is/was secretly married to an enemy? Throw in another hunky vampire – that guy type, who you know will only wreak havoc and does. A bunch of supernatural bad guys with fireballs [hmm… that sound right?] and you got yourself a party.

“Guns seem a little unnecessary when they can throw fireballs,” Nate said. “Well, it is the twenty-first century,” I said. “And variety adds a bit of spice to life.” Bloodlines (Kindle Locations 1164-1166).

Naturally, I was rooting for Zara and Nate to have a happily ever after, which I hope is still in the cards because the ending seriously had me question whether my eBook was short a few chapters – major cliffhanger! I absolutely loved it though. I think I practically devoured this book and have a strong urge to forego my usual rule of reading the series in order, so I can skip forward to when Nate and Zara finally have a chance to… reconnect.

So my dears, if you are in the mood for a very sassy urban fantasy do yourself a favor and pick up Bloodlines. I don’t want to give away too much but trust me there is plenty of fun, action, a variety of curious creatures that go bump in the night, and some very awesome characters – most of whom end up dead. I’m sure you’ll love it!

Happy reading!

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